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IT Outsourcing

How Does It Work?

Chronos Systems provides IT outsourcing services and expertise to customers who are temporarily or long term lacking of certain IT professionals or project competences. Our team can replace even part of the customer 's project team missing expertise, such professionals as developers, testers, project managers, or even an entire IT project team. Use the benefits of the 'virtual IT staff' and choose the outsourcing type best suits your business needs.


Types of Our IT Outsourcing

There are several types of this service, defined by where the outsource work happens:

Onshore: allowing employees to work in your office.

Nearshore: allowing IT expertise to work in our office close to your region or country.

Offshoring: move your services overseas.

Homeshoring: employees are working from a home-office.


Outsourced IT services

Chronos Systems also provides wide outsourced IT services, such as

  • application / software development,
  • web development / hosting,
  • application support (L2-L3) / helpdesk (L1),
  • database development / management / migration services,
  • application and infrastructure hosting,
  • CWP - Workflow software hosting and SaaS services are getting more and more popular nowdays, especially for Chronos-Workflow Platform. The cloud computing offers new perspectives for using applications in a multi-environment or collaborative cross-country operations.


Advantages of IT Outsourcing by Chronos

The expertise has never been easier to be reached with our ready, lighting-fast and cost-efficient service model. You are letting us know your IT expertise needs and we are sending a service proposal with profiles for the outsourcing type you are wish to engage. 


Check out more service details and contact us for customized, detailed quote.

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