R&D office: 30 Tüzer str., Budapest, H-1134

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Sector: Manufacturing / Technology Products

Client: Philips

Technology: implementation of Chronos Workflow Platform for providing a platform the company can easily setup and manage its own processes in self-service way. Within 2-3 yrs several internal and mission critical processes have been implemented, for example:

  • Car Rental
  • Car Services
  • CE Bonus Invoices
  • CE Penalty
  • Code Opening
  • Code Opening Lighting
  • Coop and other purchasing requests
  • Coop purchasing requests
  • Customer MD Requests
  • DAP Penalty
  • HR Purchasing Request
  • Invoice approval (Car rental & Service, CMS F&A – IT – Fiscal, CMS, DAP, DAP Bonus & Returned, HR, IT, Lighting, Lighting Bonus, OPE, PMS, PR, SEMI-CPC, Shell-moving-car insurance)
  • IT Setup Request
  • IT & Telephone Purchasing approval
  • Kitchen and office supplies approval
  • Lighting Penalty
  • Marketing-PR-Logistics-Product Services
  • Marketing&PR Services
  • Other services purchasing request
  • Pool car request
  • Travel Request
  • Vendor MD Request




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