R&D office: 30 Tüzer str., Budapest, H-1134
  • Software Development

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    Web applications and enterprise softwares.
    Workflow solutions.

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    Nearshore / Onsite.
    Dedicated IT experts and developers for your projects.

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Business Applications
Development & Support

We are a global provider of custom enterprise software, web application development and support services. Understanding your business domain and not just the technical details.

IT Outsourcing
Nearshore & Onsite

Our flexible outsourcing services provide the expertise and dedicated development team for your projects and IT organisation.

Chronos Workflow Platform

Digitize your paper-based, mission-critical or non-core business processes into automated workflows with our self-service and web-based Chronos Workflow Platform solution.

Managed Staffing

Manage and engage developers and consultants as your own employees. Our clients have the full flexibility to choose short or medium-term staffing services.

Amazing workflows to build on your own

Introducing Chronos Workflow Platform - CWP solution

  • Ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution.
  • Self-service process setup
  • Fully customizable e-forms
  • Translation ready
  • Increase compliance, accountability
  • Reach your ToDo list on any device
  • Improve on work by custom reports
  • Auto escalation, notifications

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IT staffing engagements

Chronos Systems' continuing mission is to provide cost effective but high quality IT outsourcing and technology talent solutions to our customers worldwide from our offshore and nearshore development centers in Hungary and Argentina. Working in national and international markets with our flexible and innovative delivery methodology and approach we are proud to serve some of the most admired corporations in the world.

Our services more about us

Over 20 years experience and deep tech skills helped us to develop innovative web applications for various business and industry needs.

Providing .NET application developments and support services is one of our strengths.

Front and back-end developments for various B2B/B2C, e-commerce sites. Interfaces for PayPal, SagePay and many more online payment functions.

Location-based mobile apps on Android / iOS / Win Phone platforms. Online and offline usage on mobiles/tablets. Front and back-end developments.

Mobile game application development including Test-Quizzes game app, Magazine front-page editing training app; Reality show producing game for training purposes, etc.

Mobile app developments with Cordova, PhoneGap. Both front and back-end.

Providing developers, architects and consultants for various onsite or onshore project needs.

Providing .NET and JAVA developers and contractor resources. Offering recruitment, employee-leasing and flexible staffing services.

SQL database developments, administration with recruited and dedicated resources. Cloud IT infrastructure support with senior engineers (L1-L2-L3).

Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP)- the process automation solution developed by Chronos Systems. References with Fortune500 corporations.

BPM, BPR and project managements services.

Off-the-shelf and self-service workflow solution. Available on-the-cloud / self-hosted. Product website: www.chronosworkflow.com

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We invest time in knowing our clients, we understand their business domain and the type of application development, software deployment and support needed.



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99,9% Complete (success)


Database development, migrations

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Mobile development

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PHP, Apache, Nginx, CMS

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Chronos Systems is a leading global offshore/nearshore software development and outsourcing company with development centers in Hungary and Argentina

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