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Competency Management System

Location: Europe, Hungary and Netherlands

Client: Philips

Chronos Systems has developed a unique management system for tracking Leadership and Functional competencies together with Skills on different competency areas for Philips. Functional and technical features includes:

  • Ability to record actual, required and appraisal level for each employee
  • Training module covers the management of Training Courses, Suppliers, Training
  • Requests, Training Sessions and Evaluation
  • Integrate a training module with the competency management system so that courses can be linked to competencies & skills for easier employee development planning in the case where gaps exist between actual and required levels
  • Rich reporting capabilities: gap reports
  • Rollout to 4 countries, architecture of the system ensures global rollout
  • Improved control on data entry and management at the local level
  • Web based application (.NET, MS SQL)


Integrated with SAP to import employee details on a regular basis.



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